The Story Behind

Designed With Pixels

WARNING: This story is long but worth the read if you’re interested in growing your business 🙂

Background story, before Designed With Pixels

Over nine years ago, (2007 to be exact) I started my journey into my first business. That’s not including all the time spent in businesses I started during middle school all the way up to high school, ahh those were the good days. My first business endeavor was a virtual online magazine, social media platform plus seven blogs all by myself. Yup! I think It’s pretty clear why that didn’t quite work out.

Designed With Pixels

The last JFTC magazine published back in 2011

Although I had an amazing concept, which I think could still work almost a decade later, like many many businesses I soon realized that the saying “If you build it, they’ll come” it’s rarely the case when it comes to starting a business. That was my first taste of the concept of “ideas are worthless, execution is everything”. I had created an amazing product but no one knew it existed.


Fast forward past three years of “hard work” (2010), long sleepless nights with red bull and 5 hour energy shots I realized that I was just spinning in circles. Nothing I was doing was really moving the needle. That’s exactly when I went and used the greatest tool invented in the 21st century, specially for entrepreneurs, Google. I remember exactly what I searched too;

“how to get more traffic to your website?”

and that’s when I fell down the rabbit hole and started my journey into online marketing.

Over the past 6 years I’ve been educating myself on any and every online marketing method you can imagine. Search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, email marketing, sales funnels, conversion optimization, retargeting, you name it. If it falls under online marketing, I’ve done it. The more I learned during those 6 years the more I would think to myself; “there is no way a busy business owner could have the time to do the research, testing and experiments I’ve done and keep their business open at the same time!”

During those 6 years I also worked with many clients and started many businesses not only did I grow my marketing skills but also my graphic/web design skills too. After all, that’s what I actually had gone to school for and gotten my degree on, Graphic Design. In 2014 I started offering my services under the name “Designed With Pixels”. The vision for Designed With Pixels is to provide businesses the two vital components of a successful business; traffic generation (off site, online marketing) & traffic conversion (on site, web design).

That’s when I adopted a simple mission:


Never again should a great business fail because of a lack of sales.

After working with many clients I realized that they’re needs are never met 100% by one solution. They basically had to play mad scientist by either attempting to pull all the strings together themselves or hiring multiple companies to tackle each part of the formula. That’s when the development of what Designed With Pixels was to offer started to take place.


All that translated in a few simple principles when we started developing our service:

  1. It had to be a simple solution for the customer.
  2. High Quality. No cutting corners allowed.
  3. Clear deliverables.


After a long time of tweaking and testing we’ve crafted the two services we offer. Our clients are welcomed to use both or just one of the two services. Our two services takes care of the two big parts of your online efforts:


  1. What happens outside of your website
  2. What happens inside of your website

And the response from the market has been incredible:

You would HAVE to be crazy NOT to use Designed With Pixels for your company! They really know what they’re doing!Travon Edwards,
It was done fast and working perfectly in no time and anything I asked to change or tweak was done fast.Shaquille Figueroa,
Saved us thousands with the Build Your Own Box feature that is so vital to our business, everything else was a

Not too shabby right? 🙂 Yes! Well…But how exactly does that affect you?


There are 3 reasons why Designed With Pixels will help you Attract More Deals & Make More Sales:

1.) We do it all for you.

Say goodbye to worrying about how to get new customers and just focus on actually delivering a great service.

2.)  Finally zero cut corners on your website

All the element that a web site should have to convert traffic are included in our service, you don’t have to worry about missing something or making sure all the pieces of the machine are working together.

3.) Results based marketing

Only pay for results and not empty promises. Our marketing services have a clear number of leads to be expected every month. You no longer have to take the risk of testing a marketing strategy because the result will always be the same with us, a specific amount of leads.




Designed With Pixels is not for you if:

  1. You are not looking to grow your business
  2. You do not already have a healthy business
  3. You work for a Fortune 500 Company


If you fall in one of these 3 categories you SHOULDN’T WORK with Designed With Pixels since it’s not a good fit for you. Don’t worry, if you tell me this is not for you, I will personally send you recommendations for other services that will help you be more successful. I know them all. No problem.


In all other cases you seriously need to become a Designed With Pixels client and see the immediate boost in sales success it will give to your business.


Wow! That was a lot 🙂 So now it’s your turn!


Please send me an email or a message on Facebook and share a bit about your business with me and let me know how I could make a difference in your business’ success!

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